Copyright issues relating to Arnott's Tim Tams (TM)

Tim Tam(s) is(are) a registered trademark of Arnotts Ltd.

I spoke to Alec Waugh of Arnotts on 21/7/1998, and he confirmed that Arnotts were happy to have my page exist, subject to placement of the above sentence about the TM nature of the words Tim Tam(s).

Until the buyout of Arnotts last year by an American concern, Campbells, I was a shareholder in Arnotts. In the Australian media, there were concerns expressed about the sale of this Australian icon to "foreign interests". My view on this issue is, I hope, a bit more rational than badly considered arguments about "selling off the farm":
Hell, if they think they can run Australian companies more efficiently, and are willing to pay existing Australian shareholders for the privilege, then I say let'em do it! This gives the previous shareholders more spending money to pump into the Australian economy (or invest overseas), while Australian consumers get a more cost-effective product.
Comparative Advantage!

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