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A Tim Tam (TM) is an Australian chocolate filled and covered biscuit produced by Arnott's. Although delicious by itself, a nice way of consuming it is via the "Tim Tam(TM) Slam": you need to bite both ends off the biscuit, then use it to suck coffee out of your cappucino or latté. Make sure you have a spoon handy, because the biscuit is liable to quickly break up. Suck as much coffee through it as you can and, when you feel it breaking up, quickly ram the melting biscuit into your mouth with the spoon. It is particularly bad form to allow the biscuit to disintegrate and fall into your coffee, where it then floats in chunks.
This procedure is particular fun with the new "Dark Chocolate Tim Tams" (TM).

For those of you who live in North America and have weird names for things, the English term "biscuit" includes a variety of items such as cookies. The Tim Tam (TM) biscuit would, in North American terms, be somewhat of a cross between a cookie, biscuit and chocolate bar. In fact, larger Tim-Tams(TM) have recently begun to be marketed as stand-alone chocolate bars in Australia.

From time to time, I get emails from North Americans, asking where they may purchase these antipodean delights. For those of you from Texas, or for that matter anywhere within cooee's roar of San Antonio, you might wish to try The About Australia shop. Victoria Pearce assures me in an email (17/3/2003) that

"We even sell Tim Tams by the can never have too many!!! ;-)"
So, get your fix today !

I received an email on 10/9/2002 from Dave Cuthbert, reading as follows

Came across your Tim Tam page.
I'm unfortunate enough to be in a large span of land (U.S.) where many have not heard of Tim Tams. However, there's a wonderful fellow from Canberra, John Hawking, who has set up shop in Arkansas and sells, amongst other things, most of the varieties of Tim Tams. And at a fairly reasonable price, to boot (~US$3.60/pkg, which is expensive compared to Coles' in Aus, but rather reasonable here...).

His site is at

Hope this helps!

There used to be a place called Tuckeroos, but they have closed shop. You could give Gary Black a yell and promise to buy enough Tim Tams from him to keep him in business...

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