Cześć! is Polish for G'day. Hi and thanx for visiting my page. I am a Polak (n. male Polish person) who was born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Go figure that one out! To find out more about Poland, click here, and for Tasmania, click here. The Tasmanian Department of Tourism, Sport & Recreation has a really nice site, with totally awesome and stupendifying pictures of my glorious Tasmanian homeland. My Polish is relatively fluent, and I believe that some of the most interesting humour I've generated with my friends has been bilingual humour. My job involves lecturing in Accounting at the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia (a city which recently hosted the Olympic games). To make yourself jealous, check out today's weather forecast for Sydney. You thought it was bad being a student - it's worse being a lecturer, because you end up marking the stuff you used to generate.

Of course, I am also a Man of Leisure. When not netsurfing, working on my Ph.D. or teaching, you'll find me in JG's cafe downstairs with a selection of like- minded lunatics, or enjoying the thinking person's info-sources of choice, the Economist or the Sydney Morning Herald.

Last revised on 29 November 2004 (previously 15/2/2003, 19/9/2000, 17/6/1996).

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